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What is Gilda?

GILDA is a platform helping artisans enter foreign markets through a fresh and innovative approach.

Who does it cater to?

Artisans and new generations can use GILDA
to find examples of possible working careers and foreign customers or Italian customers who live abroad.

How does it work?

The project revolves around two main activities:

The project is established on the following guidelines: recruiting artisans through our platform and a tour with the recruited artisans with temporary stores, events, and workshops.

The philosophy

The philosophy behind our project is to renew the Italian artisan’s image through tangible actions: this means taking the artisan to specific destination stage markets
where Made in Italy is well-loved and appreciated but which are still tied to outdated imagery. For this reason,
we think it is essential to choose the right artisan for a specific destination stage market and thus maximize the efficacy of on-site work, encouraging direct selling.
We want the buying process to be a physical journey out of stereotypes for the artisan to new stage markets and, at the same time, an inner journey for the consumer towards a more conscious purchase.

Long-term goals

Introducing the younger generations to trades that can stimulate creativity and open them to new possibilities and perspectives in their commerce together with their personal life.
Assisting the artisan in building their professional identity; in helping them keep a balanced exchange relationship
with other professionals, with their commercial target, with their social framework, and its evolution.

What is required to join?

– Have a finished artisanal product
– Digital skills
– Propensity to drop shipping
– Desire to travel in a group
– Team working skills
– Flexibility
– Language skills